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Fly to the Moon is all about reaching your Goals and your Dreams even if we sometimes have to Escape our reality and find ourselves. We have our own Perfect World, our own Reality and sometimes we can express ourselves when we find our Special place and let our dreams allow us to “Fly to The Moon”.

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As a vocal student you will learn the proper techniques of breathing, warm up’s, posture, articulation, word forming and microphone techniques. You will also learn about song analysis and how to break up a song and understand the lyrics, meaning and story behind every song. We will work on song choices and set lists so you can take on any event with a good repertoire of songs. We will talk about stage presence and how to behave on stage as a Vocalist. We will work on Professional stage etiquette  and what happen behind the curtain, sound desk and your sound engineers role.

“Life is a Song! SING IT!”

Training Courses by NicoG

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