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As an Artist, Musician, Singer Song-writer, Recording Artist, and producer, I understand how we struggle to writer songs, produce songs, record them, mixing and mastering our song and still get ready to launch our very own or first Album. It is a never ending fight for the best prices in town and then be disappointed sometimes with poor quality. Everything cost money and if you living from gig to gig and pay check to pay check and don’t earn a lot it can be a heavy bill to pay just for the sake of getting your music out there. For that reason I have decided to help out with reasonable costs to help young artist with their mixing and mastering of their songs. Below you will find all the information required including a link to an online form to complete if you are happy to proceed and let me help you with High Quality Mixing and Mastering. I have been in the Industry for over 25 years with equal years of disappointments, struggles just to get my music to commercial/radio quality and to sell my music to my fans. Let me help you achieve High Quality Mixing and Mastered songs. 

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