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Host a House Concert with NicoG

Most people don’t know about house concerts and the idea of hosting a house concert might be overwhelming for many, but it is really a very easy and fun experience for the host, their friends and family – An evening of Song, Music & Storytelling.  Let us share the basic requirements to host a house concert with NicoG 


  • Space to host a min of 20 people indoor or outdoor
  • The house concert is by DONATION ONLY (No Cost to the Host)
  • You (the host) invite your friends & family for the evening
  • A pot luck dinner or shared snacks works well in a house concert 
  • The total duration of the evening will be discussed in full details
  • The Concert is 60min in total
  • A house concert is a very special intimate event and gives the audience the perfect space to relax
  • Remember it is not a PARTY it is a CONCERT


It could be your most memorable event of 2022!

NOTE: Anyone interested in hosting one of our concert please complete our contact form below!

There are lots of reasons to host a house concert. Once we got involved in the house concert scene, we discovered we enjoyed the small nature of the concerts more than we ever imagined. So we expanded to a series of concerts during the year.

House concerts hosts are not in it for the money. The money collected after the concert and from CD sales goes 100% to the artist. Hosts do not get paid for their time in spreading the word, collecting reservations, and other assorted investments of time. But honestly, there is no greater experience than getting to hear NicoG with his Unique Production of songs & storytelling in your living room, patio, backyard or garden, and sharing the music with the other folks at the concert.

NicoG is relying on you to get the audience there (and to get an audience there who will enjoy the music and having a fun experience), because that is how NicoG earns a living and connect with new audiences and fans.

You can Invite Friends, family, neighbours and anyone who will enjoy an evening of music, songs and great company. The production is specially created and change yearly. The sky is the limit. We suggest a min of 20 people per home concert to make it viable for NicoG.

There are lots of different formats for house concerts – ranging from potluck dinners followed by a concert to a very traditional concert going experience.  We choose to offer light snacks and beverages for the audience to munch on before the show and connect with other people while getting to know NicoG in person before the concert. Most people will gladly bring a platter to share and their own drinks. Reminder that this is a concert and not a party but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

To host a successful house concert, you need a space large enough to hold 20-50 people.  That can be a living room, two rooms that flow together (as long as there are good sight lines to the see the performer), or a nice patio and backyard. For an outdoor concert, you will need to make sure you have a backup plan if there is bad weather (like a tent or a place to move indoors).

NicoG do have his own setup and need a space of 2 x 2 meters and need to setup at least 2 hours before hand – Arrangements will be made for each booking. With NicoG every house concert will be a relaxed but yet Professional evening

Everyone hosts for their own reasons. Chances are you already have enough reason to get started. However, you might be inspired by some of the other ways that hosts benefit from hosting house concerts or maybe you new to this.

Love of Music & Artists


Some music fans feel a deep connection to the touring artist. These fans often have a music background, and have profound admiration for people willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a life on the road. Artists delay (or abandon) financial security, dreams of family and a modest home, and the powerful luxury of a stable career routine – weekly outings with friends, dance lessons with your spouse, and more. Yes, there is plenty of magic in return, but the sacrifices are real. For these reasons and more, music fans feel blessed to be able to contribute to a musical dream, and to often see it happen in their home

Love of Community


House concerts are a powerful way to unite friends and build community. They enhance friendships, foster new ones, and create sublime moments that allow us to weave our memories together. House concert hosts often become taste makers in their community, and even inspire music scenes to develop in their town.

Neighbors and friends rediscover their love the arts and start to divorce their televisions a few times per week.

Love of Entertaining


Despite the multiplex-sized television screens in people’s homes, very few people actually entertain in their home on a regular basis. It seems like the dinner party is a myth of the wealthy past. House concerts provide an inspiring reason to clean the house and make good use of the sprawling spaces we inhabit.

Consider the fact that many apartments today are bigger than the homes of just a few generations ago. Did your grandparents have a guest room? Probably not.

Love of a Cause


One of the novel applications of house concerts is to honor and support a cause. Many fundraising events require large teams of volunteers, whereas a monthly house concert series can be organized by one or two people. Furthermore, artists typically have affinity for several causes, and often have a song related to those causes. Imagine a wonderful artist inspiring your audience with a personal story or song that is on-message for your favorite charity.

Being the Change you WANT to see in the World!


One of the best ways for artists to create house concert opportunities where they live is to start their own series. The generous act of shining the light on someone else can be the catalyst for others to start hosting. With a healthy house concert scene, that artist may find their own opportunities to play at someone else’s home. The list of potential reasons to host house concerts could certainly go on, but these are some of the most common ones.

Most of us can relate to more than one, and that provides a strong enough “why” to do the work of putting on the first few events. After a few great shows, your own list will certainly grow. You will give back to those Artists and their dreams.

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