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Nico G is an internationally recognised

Vocalist, Musician, Song-writer & Performer

At the age of 8 years, he performed as the lead singer and songwriter for an 80’s hit South African child pop band. Originally trained at a very young age by the late legendary South African born international Vocal & Opera Star, Eve Boswell, NicoG has performed with cover bands at many shows, weddings, church conferences and events during these formative years. Currently working as a Solo Artist, Writing his own songs and creating his own stage productions. NicoG has a new way of bringing his music to your doorstep with his personal, intimate and special home concert series.


The Performer

As an experienced Stage performer, dance teacher and ex-model his love for performance and song shows in every lyric and song. With a massive repertoire of covers as well as many original songs, his level of technical and artistic stage skill provides his audiences with an inspiring, exciting and captivating performance. Currently working on his Afrikaans Pop Album, NicoG is looking forward to continue building an exciting career in the performing arts world.

The Vocal Coach

As an International Vocal & Performing Arts coach, NicoG offers unique and specialised vocal and performance coaching and accepts students of varied ages and back-ground under his tutelage through online vocal training. Lessons are based around techniques, stage work and Industry knowledge.

New Songs by NicoG

  • So Darling Close Your Eyes
  • Believe in Something
talent with purpose

Talent With Purpose

Why “House Concerts”? In the era of mega-concerts, it is getting more difficult for performers to find good venues and for those who enjoy this kind of music to find locations in which to enjoy live performances. House concerts have proven to be an ideal solution. They are private get-togethers organized as mini-concerts. The result is that both the performer and the audience get the benefit of a more intimate venue and the audience gets to mingle with the performer at intermission and after the concert. Since they are private concerts, there are no ticket sales, but guests are generally asked to make a generous donation at the end of every concert. Our Concerts are “Donation-based Concerts” and for that reason there is not a set fee payable.

Life & Career Coaching

As a Vocal and Performing Arts Coach it became evident early on that students who were working on entering the industry were quite prepared to do the actual physical work of rehearsing, practicing and coming to Nico’s classes fairly well prepared, but were stuck in other areas of their life.

The lack of self-confidence, self-worth or a lowered self-image would hold them back from being able to fully come into their own as a performer and be able to deliver an authentic real performance. It takes far more than being able to sing a song to turn oneself into a master performer.

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